Can I still go into store and purchase balloons?

Yes – You are able to go into store and purchase balloons that are not displayed here. We have created this new method of ordering balloons to support social distancing in our stores. This will keep our customers and colleagues safe.

Can I choose a different range of balloons?

Unfortunately not - to ensure we keep our customers and colleagues safe we have created a way for you to order your balloons online and collect in store. We are only able to supply the balloons available that are displayed for collection. For a different variety of balloons you are able to visit one of our stores. 

Can you inflate balloons that have been purchased from another retailer?

Unfortunately we would be unable to inflate balloons purchased from another retail. This is currently not a service we provide. We do although sell helium canisters in store so you could inflate the balloons at home.

What is the guaranteed inflation period on Card Factory Balloons?

Giant Foil Balloons: 4-5 days

18" Foil Balloons: 6-7 days

How do I get the most out of my balloons?

  • Please remove balloons from bags as soon as arriving home or at the venue to ensure that the balloons are allowed to float freely.
  • Keep balloons at a constant room temperature.
  • Never leave balloons in a car, garage or cold room. Cold air causes the balloon to deflate.

My Balloon has deflated sooner than it should have, what do I do? 

We are sorry to hear your balloon deflated sooner than it should have. The first point of contact in such situations would be to contact the store who would look to resolve the issue for you. We can appreciate that this is not always possible.